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Famous Landmarks
Tsim Sha Tsui Yau Tsim Mong District
Avenue of Stars
- The famous Victoria Harbour
Update Date: 09-10-2017
Author: Cafeew
The Victoria Harbour is undoubtedly one of the top tourist attractions in Hong Kong.
This harbour was originally called the "Hong Kong Harbour".
After China was defeated by Britain in the Opium War, Hong Kong became a colony of Britain.
During the colonial period, the name of the harbour was changed and was named after the British Queen Victoria.


There are many options that visitors can choose to enjoy the Victoria Harbour.
One of the best place is at the promenade in East Tsim Sha Tsui.


While strolling along the promenade, visitors can enjoy the dramatic and eye catching views of Hong Kong's skyline.
At the walk, visitors will also see some local resdients doing various sorts of activities.
Some were exercising, some were fishing.
Some were strolling around and conversing and some were sitting on a bench experimenting with their guitar.


By the way, there is a laser light show, called "Symphony of Lights".
It starts at about 8:00pm daily .
The show involved different colored laser lights coming out from the towers at the city and moving in a coordinated way.
Visitors can enjoy the lights synchronizing with the beautiful composed music.


At night, the skyline looks more beautiful and is worth taking a few pictures of.
This must also be the place to see the fireworks in Hong Kong.

To get there, take the MTR to East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station and leave at Exit J2.
Then, walk towards the direction of the Victoria Harbour, you will reach the promenade.

Location: Avenue of Stars
Address: Avenue of Stars, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

The information and images above are for reference only, and are subject to change in accordance with the announcement of relevant organizations or climate change at that day.

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About this page: The Victoria Harbour is undoubtedly one of the top tourist attractions in Hong Kong. This harbour w ...

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