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Famous Landmarks
Lo Wai Tsuen Wan District
Sam Dip Tam
- Natural pond
Update Date: 09-10-2017
Author: Cafeew
Located in the southwest foothills of this mountain, there is once a big pond.
Due to its clear and natural water, this pond was used to be a popular swimming place in the past.
However, in about 1920s, in order to improve the water supply for the urban, some of the water from the upper streams to the pond was redirected to a nearby reservoir.
This result in the pond lost its water flow and the pond becomes smaller and smaller.
Hence, this pond slowly turns into a small pond and finally lost its previous popularity.


This pond is called "Sam Dip Tam", literally means "pond with three sections".
Comparing with the topmost section and the lowest section of the pond, the middle section is the most popular place. 
It provides a safe place for visitors for leisure and sightseeing.
Also, in the middle section, there is a rock, called "Hero Rock".
This rock is a valuable historic remain as it is a testimonial to the Second World War.


To get to this place, you can take the MTR to the Tsuen Wan MTR Station and leave at Exit B1.
Then, walk across the footbridge to get to Chung On Street.
Afterwards, walk along Chung On Street to Shiu Wo Street, and take Green Minibus No.81 at Shiu Wo Street and get off at Western Monastery.


Near the minibus stop, there is a staircase going downhill.
Walk along the staircase to go down and walk through a temple, then it will lead you to a small bridge.
The topmost section of Sam Dip Tam is located below the small bridge.


Location: Sam Dip Tam
Address: Sam Dip Tam, Lo Wai, New Territories

The information and images above are for reference only, and are subject to change in accordance with the announcement of relevant organizations or climate change at that day.

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About this page: Located in the southwest foothills of this mountain, there is once a big pond. Due to its clear and ...

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