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Guide Hong Kong
Top 10 Suggested Things to Do in Hong Kong Update Date: 16-10-2017
Author: Cafeew
1. Ride the Ferry
Riding the ferry is a cheap and suitable way to enjoy the harbour views of Hong Kong.
Visitors can embark on a short trip from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon Peninsula.
The voyage usually takes about several minutes and costs a few Hong Kong dollars.


2. Take the Tram
First operated in about 1904, this old-fashioned transportation is an integral part of the transport network of Hong Kong Island.
Tram ride is a cost effective way for sightseeing in Hong Kong.
It goes slowly along the streets so that passengers can experience and feel the street life of Hong Kong while riding on the tram.


3. Walk around the Street Market
In Hong Kong, there are several street markets and most of them are worth a visit.
While strolling around the street market, visitors can find a large range of goods, such as clothes, bags, watches, artwork, toys, electrical goods, jade, souvenirs and etc.
It is also another way to experience the local atmosphere of Hong Kong.


4. Explore the Island
Most visitors only head for Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong Island, but in Hong Kong, there are actually many islands that visitors can go and experience the diverse range of environments.
For first-time visitors, exploring the three main outlying islands would be enjoyable and quite different experience than strolling around the city.


5. Enjoy the Chinese Cuisine in Local Restaurant
Chinese cuisines, especially "Dim Sum", are very delicious.
Most of them are steamed in advance in a bamboo basket, but some of them are fried.
It is best to enjoy the Chinese cuisines in a large group because you can taste more varieties of them.


6. Explore the Nature Trail for Scenic Views
Hong Kong is small, but this small city has a number of outstanding diverse ranges of places to explore.
Especially the nature trail in Hong Kong, it is unusually good and impressive, and the beaches for surfing or swimming are also worth to spend several days.


7. Take a look in the Museum
Hong Kong has a large number of museums and most of them are a good place for visiting.
Besides, admission to most of the museums in Hong Kong is always free.
So, if you have some time and are interested in arts, antiques, science or history, it is worth to take a look.


8. Stroll along the Promenade
As a coastal city, there are many beautiful promenades runs along the seashore of Hong Kong.
It is very relaxing to take a stroll in these promenades, and it is an enjoyable way to experience the slow pace of life in this international metropolis.


9. Discover the Culture and History of Hong Kong
Starting from the time of different Chinese dynasty to the time of British colonization, Hong Kong has many fascinating histories.
Apart from these, the growth of the city also demonstrates how Hong Kong developed from a small fishing village to a thriving world city.
If you are interested in history or culture, it is worth to take a look of the ancient villages or temples, or participate in some traditional Chinese events.


10. Have Fun at the Park
In Hong Kong, there are various parks.
Some of them are themed park and are well equipped with many recreational facilities.
Most of them are family friendly and are an interesting place, especially for children.


The information and images above are for reference only, and are subject to change in accordance with the announcement of relevant organizations or climate change at that day.

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